“Because every girl needs a little bit of all that” 


Hello, everybody! Welcome to my little blog, “SweetSexySavage”. Yeah, this name is obviously not orignal, as in I declared that I DID NOT come up with this name. I was listening to Kehlani’s new album which is called “SweetSexySavage” and I really fell in love with that name. I feel that every girl needs a little bit of all those quality! To be honest, everyone, regardless of gender, needs a little bit of that!

Anyways, enough about it. Let me introduce myself. My name is Ri (and please! Don’t start the “@badgirlriri” joke because 1) Although I wish I could be as sass and badass as Rihanna, sadly, I am not. 2) NO ONE can be compared to actual Rihanna because she slays!!!). I am 19-year old and currently living in the most beautiful city on EARTH- Melbourne.

Melbourne Skyline

Oh, I guess the following story is one of the interesting thing about me. I am actually a Burmese. I was born in this lovely country in Southeast Asia called Burma (now, it is mostly known as Myanmar but somehow I like to call it Burma. Don’t ask!). When I was about 13, I migrated to Singapore with my dad and finished my A ‘levels there. Now, I am currently in Melbourne, Australia, studying Commerce. (I am really international, huh?)


Well, I guess this is the part where I have to tell you all what this blog is gonna be about. It is generally going to be about my experiences in life. I just wanted a platform to share all my stories and thoughts and hopefully, those can bring you some joy in life. Also, I am such a basic bitch, hence, there is no doubt that my interests usually centred around beauty (but not the one you should come to if you need help with make-up. Really bad at it except for doing my brows), fitness, clothes and travel! So, you would see some posts about those as well! Below are some of the photos of me taken while I was out doing my favourite activities like gymming, exploring Melbourne for good coffee and of course, there has to be  a photo of me laughing so hard because I am 24/7 laughing to the point that my friends want to punch me.

Well, I guess this is enough for an introduction. I hope you all enjoy this little space of mine and also genuinely hope that I bring about some positivity and laughter in this world.

Stay SweetSexySavage. 




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