La La Land

Hello, everybody!

Last Friday, I went to watch La La Land and I just have to share with you all this experience!

Guys, La La Land is AMAZING! It is probably my favourite movie! Maybe because I am a sucker for musicals and vintage movies or maybe because I just fell in love with Ryan Gosling but whatever the case is, the movie left my friend and I feeling so enchanted that we spent the rest of the night discussing about the movie!

I feel that a good movie should eave you with tons of topics to discuss about and as you can see, La La Land really fulfilled that checklist. Both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling did a great job in this movie- the chemistry is UNREAL. Plus, the way Ryan Gosling talks about Jazz with intense passion makes me swoon. I am really not being biased here though he is such a handsome dude! I just love it when people talk about their passion with twinkle in their eyes.The main thing that set this movie apart from the rest of musical movies is that the viewers get the best of both worlds– Hollywood’s Golden Age era and current era. Hence, it brings the readers back in time with all the vintage clothes and songs while giving the readers a touch of relatable-ness since the movie is set in current era.

As I have said, there are so many topics to discuss about- from the love story to the Jazz music. And I do not know if this serves as a spoiler but I would like to talk a little bit about the ending. The ending is very heart-breaking but it also proves that all our lives are based on choices that we have made. Maybe because I am naive or selfish or something, in my opinion, Sebastian (Ryan Gosling) could have chosen a better option given to him at that point but instead, he chose the other option which left him with regret for the rest of his life. Hence, the moral lesson here is that, always try to make choices in life that will leave you with no regrets. I know it is hard under given circumstances but in order to live a happy life, you gotta think about yourself and pick the option that won’t make you want to turn back in time and choose the other one.

Well, that’s about it. I have ranted about the unsatisfying ending but I think such ending also adds up to the greatness of the movie. Anyways, WATCH THE MOVIE GUYS! I promise you. You won’t regret it!!

Here’s the trailer:


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