Hello, everybody.

This is my second post on this blog.

Today, I would like to talk a little bit about hair.

Before this year, I was never of an experimenter. I always required slow and steady changes, not drastic ones. That attitude of mine was pretty obvious when it came down to beauty.

For my hair, I would only go for a trim twice a year and would be that annoying girl who made sure that the hairdresser did not trim my hair more than AN INCH. (Yes, I am that irritating!) So, this has always been my hair since secondary school!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetProcessed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

But after A’levels, something in me has changed. I start to become more daring and have the courage to experiment with new things. I guess I was just bored with this long hair too. So, one day, a trip to hairdresser for a trim resulted in a drastic hairstyle change. And below is my cute short bob.


I have to say this: this is a huge deal for me. I told you all that I would cry if hairdresser cut my hair more than an inch. Hence, chopping my hair off to a bob was an extremely huge risk and after all this, I would like to say that taking risks in life is not that hard. So, those babes contemplating whether to cut their hair to a drastic short length, my one advice is to  JUST. DO. IT. You would NOT regret it. (but please, please, read part 2).

It was all good. I felt like a brand new person. Just like what Coco Chanel has said, ‘A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life’, I felt so empowered and ready to take the world.

However, ….that soon changed. You all know this cycle below.

Cr- Buzzfeed

As much as I LOVE my new haircut, I guess I am just into my long wavy locks. I started to want my long hair back. Hence, I decided to grow it out. I am such an impatient person and at some point of the growing-out phase, I was searching for hair vitamins and extension. Nonetheless, I decided to wait it out because I knew that it will be worth the wait and it was all fine TILL…. (Will tell you more in part-2)

Anyways, these are a few lessons I have learned from having a bob:

  1. Contrary to the popular belief that short hair is easier to maintain than long hair, short hair actually takes A LOT OF effort and time. It is because you have to whip up the damn bob into shape using tons of tools whereas you can just let your long hair dry naturally and still would look bomb af.
  2. I am a lazy girl ( i mean, not literally (well, maybe that too) but when it comes to beauty, I tend to stick to effortless routine). Even for me, with short hair, blow-dryer is a necessity. This is because you really have to style the hair as said above. Hence, if you are planning to cut a bob, be prepared to put in more time and effort and styling tools.
  3. Having a short hair makes me seem more put together. Not that opposite sex’s opinions matter to me but my guy friends commented that I intimidated them with this hair (which, to me, was a good thing) and also, most of the people think that I’ve got my shit together. Though I clearly DID NOT (ha ha).

Well, these are the main lessons and if you are interested, I would love to tell you more. But the post is getting long, so, this is for now. 🙂




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